Meeting Seniors Lewisham

I’m not expecting to be a frequent poster on the Seniors Lewisham website, but here I’m making a first post to give other posters an idea of what posts are about.  They’re meant to be for news about what’s happening now, rather than static pages which you’ll want visitors to the site to be able to find at any time – such as how to find the building, how to contact Seniors, who the Trustees, are etc.

So my bit of news is that Perry Vale councillor, John Paschoud, knowing that I have helped with some other local websites, put me in touch with Cathy at Seniors, and last week we had a good meeting in the café, following which I set this site up as a ‘’ site, and invited Cathy and James, chair of the Trustees, to be administrators, along with me.

Since then Cathy has started putting up some static pages, but no posts yet, which is why I’m writing this now.  Cathy has also sent me some ideas for how the menu should look, and I’ve started implementing them.  I’m also going to add a link for news and updates, like this, to her menu.

Hopefully that won’t take too long, because I’ve suggested she calls me in the hour, by which time I hope it will be ready for her.