Newsletter – February 2016


It’s your new, all-dancing, all-revealing, eagle eyed and regularly appearing inroad into the hurly burly of Seniors’ activities.

So first, welcome to all our members and a happy New Year (belated) to you all.


The end of last year saw our Annual General Meeting at which our new slate of Trustees was chosen.

Photos of all of the 2016 Trustees are now displayed on a notice board in the sun lounge. Those that had been missing were added as soon as they had stopped laughing and composed their features.

The list is:

  1. James Dobson (Chair / Treasurer)
  2. Andrew McMurtrie (Vice Chair)
  3. Barbara Britton (Company Secretary)
  4. Christine Castro
  5. Tess Culnane
  6. Scilla Ereku
  7. William Hanlon
  8. Norma John
  9. Gwen Rose
  10. Councillor Alan Till
  11. David Warren
  12. Councillor Susan Wise

Our continuing patron remains Peggy Fitzsimmons.


Good question!

What’s not to do is shuffle around grumbling to yourself. Your trustees have been identified, should make themselves known, and you can talk to them anytime you see them.

They’ll tell you what you want to know and discuss any issues.

And if you feel you need to address your Trustees face-to-face, remember that there’s a slot at the start of each of their meetings where you can air your, and other members’ concerns. Take advantage.


Care Outlook: there’s a name to conjure with.

The chatter, the clatter of those in the know, together with the whirr of drills and the clunk of sledgehammers might have given you a clue, eh?

Our new tenants have rented the whole of our upstairs rooms as their new head office. The long term lease has now been agreed and signed and some money has changed hands (sigh here with relief).



Be prepared for some disruption and further tramping of feet by the workmen and office staff. A lot of work will be taking place down in our bit of the building with rubble and dust a common feature. Masks on!


To round off 2015, we held our Xmas dinner on December 18th in the Sun Lounge.

This time we wisely decided to allow guests room to raise their forks. Instead of the previous year’s one hundred munchers packed into two rooms, we confined ourselves to 65. This enabled drinkers to bend their elbow comfortably although losing the potential support of their adjacent diner.


Michael was in his element between courses, drawing on his encyclopaedic, esoteric cache of rare but essential facts. That’s to say he held a quiz (no prizes) between courses while the food was washed down.


A great party. In November, book your ticket for next time – fast.


We’re having a classy concert on Sunday 13th March at 4pm. Admission will be £5, all proceeds donated to Seniors.

The organiser writes: ‘the programme will include songs and arias by composers such as Puccini, Rachmaninov, Rossini, Mozart and also some lighter repertoire from West End shows.’

Ann De Renais, the leading singer and teacher will perform, with some of her students, a programme to be finalised nearer the time.


Ann and her piano accompanist Daniel Schroyens live locally (yes, we have a large and thriving community of professional musicians here in South East London) and she attaches her website and address for those who wish to contact her:

Not to be missed. It’s one for your diary.


A big, old house like ours needs maintenance almost as constantly as the Forth Bridge needs painting.


So, if you’ve got some thousands to spare, or maybe scooped the lottery, look kindly on our crumbling mansion. All donations, large and small, are welcome.

Notwithstanding our dire need for a lift, relocating the toilets, a disabled ramp to the garden, restoring the cellar, structural alterations, relocating the snooker table, creating a Members’ Room, etc, etc, we’re tackling small fry to start with. It’s all we can (barely) afford.

So await roof repairs, restoration of dried out lighting, toilet and tap repairs, loo blockage, boiler repairs and draughty door closers. Have I missed anything?


Here’s a list of likely dates for events that you’ll want to attend. They go up until the end of the year. How’s that for being prepared?

  1. Weds 2nd March: Talk by Peter Todd, Health Watch
  2. Sat 12th March: Table sale, 11 – 1pm
  3. Sun 13th March – Concert, 4pm, Tickets £5
  4. Sat 13th August: Summer Family Fun Day
  5. Weds 28th September: Open Day
  6. Sat 22nd October: Halloween Party
  7. Tues 6th December: Carol Concert
  8. Friday 16th December: Xmas dinner


Of course, none of these exciting events could take place without you. That is, not only your attendance but also your efforts in running them, playing your role as volunteers.


Sign on with Tina for your preferred event.

We will send out initial details of proposed trips within the next month.



Every member is, of course, a user of anything Seniors has to offer.

Our User Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1.30pm.

A member (or members) representing each group or class will report on what they’ve been doing: triumphs, innovations, problems and so on. You’ll hear what others are doing, and maybe learn a few tips.

We need every group / class to have a voice. Please step forward and have your say. Use the User Group handout report which you’ll be given together with your new newsletter. Yay!


New activities.

Kompletely Be (Monday afternoons) and a social group for those who are visually impaired (probably Thursday afternoons) will be starting within the next four weeks.

Look out for further information.