August Newsletter


Here we are again with another madly interesting edition of Seniors’

Newsletter. After a period of apparent neglect, when copies blowing about like tumbleweed in the desert, our last issue, No 4, took off like a rocket. What did I do right?



‘Silver Threads among the Golden’ I used to croak as I downed my final pint before being thrown out of my local pub. A music-hall ditty is revived as we celebrate our Summer Silver Threads  Project from 15-19 August from 10-3 at Seniors.

Learn and create design, fashion from recycled materials and acquire practical skills.

As last year, we should take part in Forest Hill’s Fashion Week, with a possible showing somewhere in the West End. What’s not to like? There is no charge either!

For more info, contact Tony Rich on or on 07905164705.



This joint endeavour by Seniors and U3A is to have no classes during August but will resume on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Pencils and brushes poised.








Disappointingly, you’re not learning to play the piano here.

I am advertising the Digital Sessions, the learning opportunities to handle your phone and computer in magical ways.

Sessions take place at Seniors on Fridays 1-3.



An all-day outing to Littlehampton, near Brighton, will leave the Ackroyd Community Centre at 9:30 am and return at 6:30 pm on Friday 19 August.

It will cost £13 for EPSP/ Purple Alliance members, £15 if you are not. Have fun, sun and ice-creams.

The RNLI lifeboat will patrol to save those who like to go paddling.



The ideal accompaniment to my drunken singing of Silver Threads etc. Pangi has started up her Ukulele Class in the Conservatory at 1:30 pm on Tuesdays. I’m looking forward to it. But first, you’ve got to learn to spell ukulele. I think I’ve got it right.







That sure-fire laughter-fest still goes on regularly, and our Quiz-Meister Michael Harrild will have you in stitches with his searching questions. Exercise your brain and your credibility.



The fire-door between the Sun Lounge and the café/garden has now at last been installed. You may now look through the window to see who’s coming on the other side. It closes more quietly, much to the joy of Tai Chi classes in session. It yields to opening more easily for the benefit of less-abled members. And, most importantly, you can get through in a hurry to the loos.

For this, much relief.



Entries to our Poetry Competition have now closed.

To our surprise and pleasure, 8 members have entered, some with more than one effort.

The judges are to meet early in September, when the prizewinners will be announced. The awards of £25 Book Tokens, will be handed over by Lewisham’s Mayor Sir Steve Bullock at our Open Day on Wednesday 28 September, 11:30-4:00.

Permission to publish poems in coming Newsletters will be requested, for the enjoyment of us all.



A memorable and hugely attended concert was enjoyed on July 21 at Seniors. Notably and uniquely, the Seniors Choir was joined by Vista Reminiscence and Visually Impaired (Feel the Noise) Group for a rousing performance.

We hope to stage a repeat concert round about Xmas. See you there.



Lewisham Pensioners Day 2016 will be held on Wednesday 21 September 12:00 to 4:00 at the Broadway Theatre, Catford. You’ll find information, stalls, a picnic lunch and entertainment there.

Tickets will be on sale from 30 August. For more info, phone 0208 690 7869.



You might say, this article has no title!

Let me explain.

Title/titles is what this article is about, what is the meaning of a title?

We all have one, whether it’s male or female, mother, father, sister, brother, etc. A family tree is the best example.


Now let me concentrate on what I would call, special titles: the Queen and members of the royal family.


Politicians, PM, MP’s, Councillors, a different species, Can I call them’species’? I’m not sure, it’s common knowledge that there are those that do not deserve a title!


I have heard and even been offered, for the right price, letters after my name, so I suppose anything is possible, it depends on how seriously you take the title and the responsibilities that come with it, doesn’t it?


If I may, at this point, indulge myself and tell you about my experiences since retiring. After being a secretary for more years than I care to mention. I retired in June 2015. However, after a few months I became very restless and bored, really didn’t know what to do with myself.

I had never considered joining a club and certainly the thought of volunteering never entered my head, until one day I noticed an article in a magazine entitled Health Watch advertising for volunteers. I contacted Peter Todd (he leads the way for volunteers in Bromley) and after a few days joined their team. I learned a great deal from Peter regarding volunteering and eventually joined Seniors, I take these posts very seriously, which leads me on to the next explanation of the word Title.


After becoming aware of how many community centres are being closed down, and the reasons for their closures: lack of funding and unscrupulous land development companies acquiring every conceivable site to build upon, it struck me that even established clubs are barely surviving. There must be a common denominator and my guess is that local residents are not aware of the benefits available at local community centres and how essential it is to support such centres in order to keep community spirit alive.


This brings me on to another Title, MEMBERS. So very important. Without MEMBERS community clubs could not survive. With this title come certain responsibilities, eg volunteering, bringing to the attention of the Trustees any concerns, keeping in touch with members of the local clubs; encouraging ‘get together’ times, offering assistance at events, open days, the list is endless. Just imagine life without community clubs.

For many elderly and lonely people the future would be bleak.


The answer can only be that Members support their chosen clubs, become involved in the dedicated work the Trustees, Team Leaders, Social Workers, local Councillors are doing to keep centres open, by attending meetings, canvassing, donating and perhaps most important of all, recruiting likeminded people and encouraging them to be a MEMBER of a JOINED UP community.

Remember, being a MEMBER of any association is a very important Title, you have a very serious role to play.

Tess Culnane.



I’ve only just now seen the details. A new class, free for members, is to begin on Monday 12 September and every Monday thereafter from 2-3pm. To do what? Would you believe DISCO DANCING? Yes, it’s true.



We report the death of Ken Hulbert, stalwart of the French Group who died, appropriately, in France, on 28 July.

We send our condolences.



























Our mission is to work for the benefit of older people who live in Lewisham and surrounding areas, and especially, to provide facilities, resources and activities in interests of social welfare.


Our vision is to support and encourage creativity, learning and social projects for our members. To embark on new opportunities and to widen horizons for older people.


Our core values: We welcome and respect people who have religious beliefs and those who have none. We embrace all shades of opinion which are tolerant of others.

We abhor and reject any expression of racism, xenophobia, ageism, sexism, prejudice against disability and other forms of discrimination.


We respect diverse and differing lifestyles. Everybody who follows these precepts is welcome.













Tues 2nd August -Ukulele (First Class, held in Conservatory)
Monday 8th August -Operations Committee meeting-1:30pm (Second Monday of the month)
Tues 9th August




Weds 17th August -Business Committee Meeting at 10:30am(Normally the Weds prior to the trustee meeting)


-Xmas Fair Meeting 10:30am

Thurs 25th August -No Trustees Meeting this month