March 2016 Newletter, issue 2


The first edition of your newsletter was spied by not many astronomical telescopes as it streaked through the cosmos to be sucked into the black hole of a photocopier breakdown. A fanciful way of telling you that only a few copies of issue no. 1 could be found by those members lucky enough to be entertained by essential news and bad jokes. I think a few readable copies may still be found in a tray on the big table in reception. So here’s the March edition of issue no 2 for your pleasure. Chuckles are compulsory.


Seniors communications - newsletter - march 2016 photos - Boilers r us logo

How careless of us not to have publicly thanked the company – Boilers R Us – for their deeply welcome and quite unexpected donation of a new boiler for the café kitchen. It means that the dishes can once more be washed in really hot water and with no further recourse to the repeated boiling of the tea urn. Additionally, the boiler gives us water at the right temperature for the toiles. What’s not to cheer about? One of our members has had a boiler installed independently in their own house. They are reported to be greatly pleased with it. Boilers R Us may be contacted on 020 8859 5497 and at their showrooms at the address on their flyers to be found on the table in reception. This news item, we think is the least we can do to show our thanks for their generosity.


No jokes for a few minutes: I’m talking User Group. Lots of activities go on all the time at Seniors; take a look at our freely available list in reception. Yet some seem to huddle and keep their business close to their chest. If you’re not in it, you don’t get to know its successes, its plans, its fears, its grumbles, its good advice that others may wish to follow. The User Group aims to bring us together – as you’ll be reminded in the following article – and to open yourself to dialogue while taking note of the plethora of activity you may not know anything about. Every group / activity is asked to send a representative to the User Group monthly meetings (3rd Tuesday in the month at 1.30). On those occasions, your representative will make notes, contribute to discussion, report on your group’s situation and ultimately report back to your group. Many groups have already sent reps. Our aim, our expectation, is to welcome all of them. To remind you: 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1.30pm. Meetings last no more than two hours. Reps will need to stay for the whole time. The next User Group meeting is Tuesday 15th March at 1.30pm. See you there.


One thought on “March 2016 Newletter, issue 2”

  1. Belated thanks to Tim Lund, for stepping up (I hardly twisted his arm at all!) and getting this started. But it will depend on the people at Seniors, who know about what’s happening, putting that information regularly on here as events listings or whatever it fits into.
    I know that lots of things are happening at Seniors. Jacq (the other Councillor Paschoud) and I went to a quiz yesterday after lunch at the cafe. Someone told me about the ‘Techie Tea’ (and cake) on today – but I had to phone to find out when it was (I thought I’d go to see how it worked, and whether I could contribute some help – with the Techie rather than the Tea – in future. I do hate people using the excuse of being old for why they cannot use technology!).
    Perhaps this just needs a *GoogleCalendar of EventsAtSeniors, and someone to make sure everything is in it – particularly when something is changed or cancelled. I’m sure a view of that can be embedded in this.

    [* Other fine brands of calendar/diary management are available on the Internet]


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